The only supplements you need

  • You must supplement with Vitamin B12.  Also ensure that your Vitamin D level is satisfactory. You may like to consider consuming flaxseed meal or chia seeds for your Omega 3 as you are consuming low fat foods.


For the weight conscious

  • According to Dr Doug Lisle, if  losing weight is your goal, best not to weigh each day, Instead weigh 3 days at the beginning of the month to get an average, then weigh 3 days at the end of the month and get the average to see the difference. We want healthy weight loss that is sustainable over a long period.


Time savers

  • Double the recipe quantities, so you can always freeze some for other meals and also for lunches. Some people like to use menu plans, there are quite a few to choose from in the market. You can also subscribe to apps - such as Forks Over Knives.


Batch Cook & Bake

  • Always invest some time on the weekend to do your prep and cooking as it will save heaps of time during the weekdays. Roast batches of potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, beetroots, pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum, mushrooms on the weekend so you have plenty of variety to throw into your salad or as extras to top up your meals. We often take potatoes or sweet potatoes with us when we are out for snacks.

Plan ahead

  • Prep some salad leaves ready to go, and keep them crisp in a container. Also make 1-2 different no oil salad dressings so you have them on hand to drizzle over the salad leaves. We sometimes bring a small bottle of our own dressing when we are out dining, so we can ask for salads with no dressing and top up with our own. If you have no time to prep salad dressing, just squeeze lemon juice or pour some balsamic vinegar over your salad leaves!

  • You can even cook a big batch of brown rice and freeze  in smaller containers to save time during the week.

Dining out if you must.

  • If you are dining out, check out some tips from Mary McDougall, who has been helping her husband Dr John McDougall, promote this dietary lifestyle for nearly 40 years. 

Tips for LIVING THE LIFE of a mettafoodian


Now that you have rebooted your system, keep going for ongoing health & vitality!!  For longer term success of this dietary lifestyle:


Continue to take care

  • If you are on medication, your doctor will need to continue monitoring you as your medication may need to be adjusted until, hopefully you will get off your medication completely!


Escape the pleasure trap

  • Understand about the concept of “pleasure trap” whereby, we are consuming foods that are super normal stimuli. They give you so much pleasure that you are trapped in it – like taking drugs, alcohol or smoking – there is a chemical addiction happening in the food that’s trapping you, making you eat and putting on weight.. even though you know it’s not good for you – but you eat it anyway, compulsively. 

Tips to having an amazing & successful mettafood 10 day R&R experience!


BEFORE the programme begins:


Consult your Doctor

  • If you are on medication or if you have some health issues, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before you embark on this programme. Your doctor may not be familiar with the effects of whole food plant based diet, but they  need to monitor you as your medication may need to be adjusted DURING the programme as your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar may drop. 


Get a blood test

  • If you have not had a health check and/or blood test for a while, now might be a good time to do so. Track your weight, blood pressure and blood test results (cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood sugar level and anything else your doctor recommends). Best if you do another one after the 10 days, so you have a before and after comparison.

Keep a food Journal

  • Keep a food journal for a few days to actually see what you are consuming, as you may be surprised!  Use this survey to guide you along. 

Goals = Results

  • Set yourself a target or goal that is measurable and meaningful for you.


A Simple Plan

  • You need to plan for 30 meals to cover the 10 days. This is a finite problem.

  • Simplify breakfast - choose oats or cereal for 10 days.

  • Choose 10 recipes for dinner and make extra to cover for lunch or best option is to choose 5 recipes for dinner and make extra for lunch and repeat these 5 recipes for next 5 days.

  • Stay with a few recipes that you like and rotate them.

  • Make plant based version of the things you like – for eg. veggie burger instead of beef burger, whole meal pasta dishes with more vegetables and legumes instead of mince meat and normal refined wheat pasta, veggie sushi using brown rice instead of the normal white rice sushi.


Prepare to succeed

  • Start adding more plant based meals into your diet and at the same time, start reducing the amount of meat, dairy, eggs and oil you consume. Reduce fast food and junk food, alcohol, caffeine, salt & refined sugar intake.


Reduce the temptation

  • Clear your pantry and fridge of things that would tempt you and lead you astray. Fill your pantry and fridge with food that are compliant.

Buddy up

  • Get a buddy to do this programme with, and/or engage the support of your family, friends and colleagues. Watch “Forks Over Knives” and/or “What the Health” - both available on Netflix or watch online with them.


Blend it like Beckam


  • If you don't have one, get a  blender or a food processor. This will be helpful for some of your food preparation. Ensure you have a good quality non stick pan.


Clarity is Power


DURING the programme :


Take care

  • If you are on medication, your doctor will need to continue monitoring you as your medication may need to be adjusted DURING the programme  as blood pressure, cholesterol, and or blood sugar may drop


All IN

  • Jump in 100% so  you can see the result clearer and be more motivated. If you make small changes, you may not feel better in any meaningful way.  Be committed and accountable to yourself. Eat for love and fitness including a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. (Note: If its a major change in diet, you may go through some detoxification symptoms in the first couple of days) Drink plenty of water and get adequate rest.

Inspire others

  • Use the private mettafood R&R facebook group for support and encouragement and to inspire each other.


Choose wisely

  • If your goal is to lose weight, eat less calories by choosing less calorie dense foods, rather than portion control. Eat more of the less calorie dense food and less of the high calorie dense food...find out more about calorie density. 

  • Minimise high calorie dense foods, including nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut and their by products, such as coconut flakes & nut milks etc.

Start with green soup ...HUH?

  • It is advisable that you start your meal with a salad or greens and/or a soup. Get these in first before you consume the rest of your food.

No oil means no oil of any kind

  • Cook without using oil.  Saute onions in low salt vegetable stock or use some water instead. Use only oil free dressings for your salads. Do a batch of salad dressing (no oil) to last you for 5 days and another salad dressing (no oil) for the second half of the programme so it is ready to go.

  • Replace milk with plant milk made without oil such as Vitasoy Milky Lite or Vitasoy Protein Plus or Bonsoy.


Make it easy

  • Choose the easy option - rely on pre washed salad leaves, variety of frozen & pre cut vegetables and canned legumes (preferably with low sodium).

  • Pre-order your meals from us for 10 days. 


  • Bring your own food with you rather than be tempted by outside fast foods. Good snacks like roasted sweet potatoes & fresh fruit.


Replace rather than restrict

  • Either one coffee per day, (no dairy) or replace coffee with a cup of green tea or better still herbal tea. Replace alcohol & soft drinks. with fresh clean water. Replace salt with fresh herbs and spices & refined sugars  with fresh fruit. 

  • If needed add minimal salt at table rather than during cooking.

Never give up

 Emergency foods & time savers

  • Make a batch of soup which you can divide into smaller containers and keep in the freezer for emergencies.

  • Make batches of burger patties – so useful in salads, open sandwiches.

  • Prep the vegetables you are going to cook for the week – don’t wash them until needed. This saves time during the weekday.


Final Tips

  • Understand the difference between food and treats. The latter is for occasional times only, not every day!

  • Water should be the first choice of beverage!

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.. its progression, not perfection.

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with


The statements and medical and/or nutritional information presented in this website are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, but for educational purposes only. Always seek medical advice before using diet to treat disease and seek counsel of other medical professionals where required.



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