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The Protein Myth!

People giving up animal foods are usually concern about where they are going to get their protein from.


It would be very rare in developed countries these days to come across people who are protein deficient. Those who are not achieving enough protein are usually those not eating enough food. In this case, they are probably deficient in all nutrients, not just protein.


Our bodies require protein but the obsession with eating enough protein is unwarranted.


In the case of this macronutrient, more is not better, especially with animal protein. Excreting excess protein can be taxing on the kidneys. Higher intake of animal protein is also linked to higher risks of many types of cancer.


So it’s not really worth the risk, and it's not necessary, as we can go to the direct source of protein.


Where do you think animals which eat plants get their protein from ? YES! From plants!


So let us cut out the middle man or animal and go straight to the source. All vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds contain protein. Consuming a variety of these foods will provide all the protein your body needs.


The next time someone asks you where you get your protein from if you don’t eat meat, ask them where they get their fibre from. It would be fair to say in our high meat eating culture, there is more of a problem with people not eating enough fibre as animal products are devoid of fibre. Fibre only comes from plant foods.


Last interesting fact – look at some of the strongest animals roaming the planet, the elephants, the big apes, hippopotamus, horses – what do they feed on? mettafood !!

The Great Protein Fiasco - Dr Greger


by  - Dr Garth Davis

Protein & IGF-1  - Dr Greger

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

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