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“I found the Mettafood plan easy to follow and the support I received throughout the 21 days was exceptional! I feel lighter, brighter, and much happier knowing I am looking after my long term health. Very soul satisfying.”      


A Needs

“I used to make a lot of bad choices before and never understood why I had so many health issues.”        

N Hamdan

“I’ve come out of this 3 week program with a complete new mental approach to what I consume.  My body and brain feel as if they’ve been reprogrammed. As well as losing over 2 kg with no effort and little exercise over this period (which I normally enjoy) the biggest plus was the drop in my blood pressure..”      


C. Gordon 

“I would recommend the program to anyone who is not feeling the best in their day to day life as food could likely be the medicine.”      


 L Hicks

“Puay Yuen Leow provided a comprehensive and lively program that made care to link issues and food practice to evidence based research… health outcomes achieved in 3 weeks.”      


 P Verner

“This information have to be put out there to Australian news programs and politicians as a matter of urgency. Following this diet alone with help solve the healthcare crisis and climate change. They could put that in their next campaign!”        


S Demir

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