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When we are unwell, we usually have to take specific and sometimes expensive medications to address the different problems. Maybe a tablet for hyper tension, maybe some insulin, maybe a tablet for cholesterol, maybe another tablet to lift our mood?  

Medical treatments (pills, surgeries, etc.) are certainly useful in many cases to save lives and to manage diseases. However, sometimes they are only treating the symptoms. Evidence has shown a strong link between some of our chronic diseases with what we eat 3 times a day.  With mettafood -  a whole food plant based dietary lifestyle, you have the possibility to treat the cause, stop the progression and hopefully,  as in many reported cases, reverse the disease.  


It is recommended that you should always consult a specialist in plant based nutrition who is familiar and qualified to give you advice on your particular situation, as some tweaking is necessary for certain medical conditions.


However, for most people, when you follow a whole food plant based dietary lifestyle, you would eat fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. By eating a range of these foods, you may have greater access to some of the benefits such as better energy, better mood, decreased cancer risk,  greater health.


Whole food plant based has been proven to reverse the number one killer disease in the world i.e. heart disease. Can you imagine what it can do to our general well being?  Shouldn’t it be the default diet until proven otherwise, said Dr Michael Greger! 

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease!
Dr Caldwell Esselst​yn
Taking responsibility for your health!
Dr Michael Greger

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

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