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Many of us also have the thinking that in order to have strong bones, we need to consume calcium from milk and other dairy products. On the contrary, there is more evidence showing the opposite.


Despite this common belief, no protective benefit between milk consumption and hip fractured risk has been demonstrated. Eating a variety of beans, greens, seeds, fruits will give you all the calcium you need and they are excellent vehicles for delivering calcium to our bodies, plus they are packaged with other phytonutrients  and vitamins and minerals.


Calcium is a mineral found in the ground and that is why plants grown in the ground are excellent sources of calcium. And when cows eat calcium containing plants, that is where they get their calcium from! So again, let us cut out the middle “cow” and eat the plants directly for our calcium!


By the way, the human species is the only one that continues to drink milk (another specie’s milk!!) after they are weaned. Milk contains growth hormones to grow a baby animal rapidly.  For humans to continue drinking milk or eating products made from milk, will only lead us to have these unnecessary growth hormones in our bodies.


Apart from consuming calcium from a variety of plant based foods, managing sodium intake, getting adequate Vitamin D from the sun and also doing weight bearing exercises will be helpful for healthy bones!

The Calcium Myth!

Dr Neal Barnard on “What the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know”

Dr Michael Klaper’s hilarious answer to how important milk and dairy products are. 

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

 The presenters and owners of this video are not affiliated with

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