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"good for you good for planet"

Mettafood R&R

Reboot & Revitalise 


A 21 day wholefood plant based immersion for work teams!

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What is mettafood?

Metta is an ancient Pali word, which means loving kindness. So for mettafood, we are referring to food that is loving and kind to us, to our body and mind.


A mettafood dietary lifestyle  means consuming whole fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and excluding all animal products, oils and refined foods.


“Whole foods” such as legumes, grains, vegetables, fruit, in their most whole edible state, as they look when they are harvested, with all the natural nutrients and fibre intact. Some may go through minimal processing.


“Plant based” means consuming foods that come only from plants and excluding all animal products i.e. meat, dairy and eggs.

What is the healthiest diet?

Most of us know that eating fruits and vegetables are good for us. However what many of us don’t realise is how powerful they really are.

Powerful enough to possibly eradicate the cause of the biggest killer on the planet. (Heart Disease)

Discover the benefits for yourself.

Benefits of  mettafood?

Everyone is different but generally, some of the benefits you may experience include:


  • Improved overall quality of life – energy, mood, mental clarity, bowel movement


  • Lower cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar


  • Clearer skin


  • Healthier weight

  • The prevention, arrest and reversal of heart disease & Type 2 diabetes


  • A decrease in cancer risk


  • Slowed progression of certain cancers


There is more and more research and evidence being shared on the impressive benefits of a simple whole food plant based dietary lifestyle.


In many situations, even surpassing what sophisticated drugs and high tech surgeries have to offer!

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Mettafood R&R

Reboot & Revitalise

A 21 day whole food plant based immersion for work teams! 

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Revitalise your team with the  experience of a

 wholefood plant based dietary lifestyle
with love, professional support and  guidance.  

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